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Mythic+ dungeons have been an integral part of World of Warcraft end-game content since its introduction and with its ever increasing difficulty, it has become one of the most competitive features in-game. Raider.IO is a tool that assesses the performance of a character in M+ dungeons and allocates them a score based on their performance.

What does Raider.IO do?

Raider.IO uses the information accessed directly from the official Blizzard API (basically the database of the game) and records the progress of a character- eg. Mythic+ Dungeon difficuly level, Affixes of the week, time taken to finish the dungeon, successfully completing a dungeon, etc. and assigns a Raider.IO score to the character based on the performance.

Searching for your character on the Raider.IO website www.raider.io updates and displays detailed info about your character with your character name, guild name, Raider.IO score and raid progression at the top.

Basic character info and Raider.IO score as seen on site.

Further down, the site gives detailed information about the successful highest difficulty M+ keys done by the character alongwith the affixes and the time taken to finish it.

Detailed information of the characters M+ runs.

Raider.IO keeps record of the rankings of all the players using it and compares your character’s standing with them giving you an insight of your ranking in your particular realm or amongst all the realms.

Raider.IO also provides a desktop app that self updates your character’s ranking and keeps the database up to date without going through the manual mode of updating it on site.

Raider.IO desktop App.

Raider.IO also provides an in-game addon that allows you to check Raider.IO rankings and the best M+ run of your as well as other characters of players in the database with just a hover of the mouse over the character model or unit frame.

Hovering mouse over the character unit frame on the top left displays the Raider.IO detail box.

Hovering the mouse over the premade groups in-game will display the Raider.IO ranking of the party leader as well their best run for the key so far and details of all the best runs in other M+ dungeons individually. For eg- Here hovering over the premade group for Siege of Boralus dungeon displays the IO score of the party leader as well as their previous best M+ run for the same dungeon in the 1st box while comparing your IO and dungeon detail in the 2nd box.

Hovering the mouse over the premade groups displaying the Raider.IO ranking of the party leader and M+ details.

How to improve Raider.IO score?

Since Raider.IO score has been really successful withing the community and arguably the best judge of character progress and M+ dungeon experience, increasing your Raider.IO score has a considerable impact on getting an easy invite to a high level M+ key or forming a group for the same. A higher Raider.IO score generally suggests the player has a good understanding of the mechanics and affixes of the dungeon and could face the high difficulty M+ dungeons have to offer with comparative ease.

The Blizzard API only records the M+ runs that are higher in difficulty than your already existing M+ run records. So one of the most efficient ways to increase your Raider.IO score is to do M+ runs for a dungeon with a difficulty higher than you’ve already done successfully. The list of all the successfuly M+ runs for individual dungeons can be accessed in game through the Mythic Keystone window by press I or by referring the M+ details provided by the Raider.IO addon/site.

In-game and addon details of highest M+ runs for a character.

Additionally, Raider.IO keeps track of the 1st 500 successful M+ runs of the week after a weekly reset. So completing a quick M+ run successfully right after a weekly reset can boost your Raider.IO score and improve your ranking.

So get that group up, use your flask, eat your feast and get ready to run those Mythic+ dungeons and increase your IO score and your ranking. Lok’Tar Ogar.

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