A4 – Gold Farming in BFA

Gold Farming in BFA

Gold is one of the most lucrative resource that most players like to farm. It is one of the main activities of this game. However, sometimes, it is not that easy to be a billionaire. In this article I will list some of the common sources of gold along with my ideas about farming it.

Gold is gained by every player through multiple sources like: quest rewards

, killed mobs,

 Successful Missions,

 Dungeon Completion,

 Auction house trades, 

and many more

. Playing and mastering the secrete of trading on Auction house is the however the king of all other techniques and sources of gold. But you do need something to sell, right? 

So, lets start what is the best thing to do when you want to make tons of gold on consistent basis in my opinion.

  1. Completing a Daily Emissionary for Reputation and gold Rewards is the first thing that every player must consider to finish.  They are the collected reward by completing either 3 or 4 quests of a particular faction in BFA areas.
  • As the world is full of opportunities, even BFA areas are also having many varieties of random World Quests for each Zone. Completing them will reward various goodies like Artifact Power, Gold, Gears and Bonus Reputation with a faction. So, it is wise to consider such quests too. As gaining more reputation with the same faction every time gives upto 5000 gold upon completing the bar again.  
  • Professions like Enchanting is another stable source for gold making. No matter what you do in World of Warcraft, most of the things rewards gears. Many times, these gears are not good for transmog nor they are worth vendoring them for pea nut gold amount rather consider Disenchanting them. And sell the trade good for good amount of gold on Auction house. 
  • Dungeons are Fun and Mythic and Heroic Dungeons further add some challenge to this. Consider competing all 10 BFA Dungeons on Mythic +0 each every week for obtaining a gear piece from each Boss.
  • Old School Raids are another good source of gold. To name some Mogu Sha Palace in Kun-Lai Summit and Bastine of Twilight in Twilight Highland are most effective raids for farming on Heroic 25 M Difficulty. 
  • Completing weekly Island Expediture quest also gives an opportunity to make some easy gold at BFA Mission Table. 
  • Areas in Legion are also not bad for gold making as questing is super easy in those areas. Traveling time is the only thing that needs to be kept in mind if you opt of this. 
  • And who can forget Garrison from WOD. It is still one of the best steady gold making thing to look at in World of Warcraft. It is not time consuming but it needs lot of time investment before you can make it into a profitable activity. 
  • Also, Old Raids are solo able and they also give good amount of gold and sometimes if you lucky, you have a chance to get the drop mounts too, from specific raids. Consider completing each one of them on Tuesdays, before weekly reset. 

These are some of the common sources of gold that I use along with some other techniques. These are Profession crafted gears and items, Trade goods farming and farming Transmog gears and weapons.