Be on 9.1 Mythic Dungeon Team List

Mythic Dungeon System is one of the best end game feature of World of Warcraft. Players form a 5-Men Party and enter a Dungeon Instance to Kill enemies in their way as they progress to Defeat a Final Deadly Boss.

Interestingly, there is a Key holder at the start where a “Key” is inserted. A Key will not only scale up the overall HP and Damage of every enemy in the Dungeon but will also add certain “Affixes” that further increases difficulty and complexity of overall Dungeon. If this was not enough there is also a “Timer” which starts ticking the moment a key is inserted.

VGC aims to encourage more dedicated players to participate in this system. Hence, wishes to reward every player participating with Player Currency. Below is the chart showing Reward Player Currency every player will get upon submission of his Mythic Dungeon Run with his friends.

Number of Mythic Dungeon Run CompletedPlayer Currency Each Player will Receive
Dungeon runs above +10 will attract additional 10% reward even if they are not Timed.

Eligibility Criteria for Rewards:

  • Player must be playing with at least 3 VGC Discord Friends in a Team.
  • Dungeon Difficulty must not be less than +7.
  • Player must be on same character/role for all the runs.
  • Runs in time will attract no extra benefits. However, if Dungeon is above +10 then rewards will be increased by additional 10%.
  • All Players must submit their own game play at this link before 31st Aug 20:30 IST after uploading your video on your own Youtube Channel.
  • Must mention Participating Friend’s name in Description of your Video.