CC Manual

(Everything you need to know)

The home page of the App provides you with a feature of a group chat dedicated to a game. You can create or join a game chat and discuss about the game or meet people that play the game and basically make a sub community for the game you love.


As the name suggests, the Chat Feature allows you to connect with your friends. 

Tired of scrolling through the contact list to find the friend you want to chat with ? Don’t worry, the chat feature offers a search function that allows you to simply type the name of the friend you want to chat with and save you from the hassle of searching their name in the list of your friends.


  • The Marketplace connects the entire community and is a place where you can check the upcoming or ongoing events featured on the app.
  • Editors can enlist an event or an item which can be bought by other users in exchange for CC Points i.e App currency.
  • The “All Items” subsection of the Marketplace allows you to see all events and offers Cafe Consortium provides.
  • The “Near Me” subsection of the Marketplace allows you to see all events and items upcoming or ongoing near you. A great way to find people, events and games near you and be the part of it.


  • Cafe Consortium gives rating to each Cafe based on the facilities a Cafe has to offer. There are 18 criterias of Cafe Consortium which yields this Rating Number. Details of these Criterias are given in appendix 1.
  • “Best Rated” sections allows you to see the Cafes based on their score.
  • “Trending” section allows you to see which Cafe has the most player involvement in the community. That one place everyone talks about or hang out especially on the weekends.
  • “Our Pick” sections displays the Cafes that are exclusively featured by Cafe Consortium.
  • Still looking for a specific Cafe of your choice, search it in “ALL”. It is the entire directory of every cafe linked with Cafe Consortium. 


  • The one thing that connects us all. The Game feature of the app allows you to check out all the games that the community plays along with the Cafes and the Players who are fond of these games. 
  • “Popular” subsection allows you to check out the games that are most popular and talked about in the community as it shows the game that has been selected by most players as their one of the favorite games. 
  • “All” subsection allows you to see all the games the community plays.Check out what others are playing and maybe give it a try ?.
  • “My Games” sub section allows you to see and edit the games you yourself play and are associated with. A great way to let the community know what your interests are. 


  • “Discussion Posts” is one of the best features of the App. The “Discussion” feature not only allows you to open your thoughts to the Community but also allow you to check out “Posts” of other Users. It is by far the best way to get connect with the community by creating posts of your own, be it memes, your favorite moments or maybe an upcoming event you want the community to know about. It does support images, Gifs, youtube video URL or any other URLs. 
  • “Fresh” subsection allows you to check out what the community is sharing right now. Any new posts created is featured here.
  • “Trending” subsection features the posts that are the most interacted within the app. The most popular posts that are liked and/or commented with are featured here and showed on top for the community to see what’s popular at the moment.
  • “Near me” subsection displays all the posts on the app that are created near you by other users, whether they are friends or not. 
  • “Friends” subsections lets you see the posts created by your friends and stay updated with their content they share. 


  • The Community feature allows you to become aware of new people from the community and interact with them. A really helpful tool to make new friends and hang out with like minded people. You can read about them, know about their games of interest and also know about Cafes they are interested to visit. 
  • “Legends” subsection features users from the community that demonstrates great skills and leave a mark on the gaming community in any aspect.
  • “Influencers” subsection features those users that are closely associated to the gaming community and have a great influence over the wave of trend. They help make others get involved to a game with their charm and influence.
  • “Friends” subsection allows you to see users in your friend list on the App and start a chat with them. 
  • “All” sub section allows you to see all the users on the App. 


My Bookings

  • My Bookings is the feature that allows you to track your interests of Events Tickets, which were purchased on “Marketplace”. 
  • “Available” subsection allows you to see the upcoming Event whos Ticket you have already purchased. 
  • “Redeemed” subsection allows you to check the history of all the transactions you have done previously with the items and events in the Marketplace.

CC Wallet

  • Cafe Consortium is fun but what if you could earn while having fun ? Cafe Consortium allows the users to earn while using the app. There are several ways to earn CC Points. 
  • One of the easiest ways is by creating your own Post, liking other user’s posts.
  • Some serious earnings comes by becoming an editor, where you get access to other features of the app.
  • Time to time there are also offers which can be participated to earn CC Points. 
  • CC points is the currency of this app and it is used to buy items on the Marketplace.
  • CC Wallet shows your CC Points.
  • “Deposit” feature allows you to buy CC Points and add to the CC wallet via PayTM or PayPal. If using a Debit Card you can do it via PayPal Option by selecting “Pay by Card”.
  • “Transfer” feature allows you to transfer CC Points to other users.
  • “Withdraw” feature is exclusive to Editors only and is used to convert the CC Points in your CC Wallet into real money and transfer directly into your bank account. The exchange rate can be found in this section.


  • Your Profile is your Bio-data. Express yourself so others can see who you are. About is the field where you can express your interest in your own words.
  • You can select your game from predefined game list. 
  • You can select your favorite Cafes you visit from Predefined Cafe List.  
  • You can edit your profile to redefine yourself.
  • Construct a good profile for better opportunities and connections.


  • If you are an Owner of a Cafe or a Manager of a Cafe you are by default an Editor. However, if you are interested to share your thoughts to the community and are willing to do it with responsibility then you can also become an Editor. 
  • An Editor is a special status that is given to those who want to contribute more seriously and make a living out of their passion.
  • Editors get following extra features: 
    • Barcode Scanner – to scan and validate a Code.
    • CC Withdrawal – to withdraw CC Points into your Bank Account.
    • Privilege to write an Article which will be displayed on the Home screen of the App. 
    • Create Market Items on Market Place after due approval of the same.
    • Customized Space to edit about their Cafe, Games and offers. 
  • You can use the personal space on the website given exclusively to the editors to manage your articles or events or products.