Gaming has a new home

The Gaming Industry has changed drastically since its inception from mainstreaming the 8-bit platformer titles to the hyper-realistic, super interactive environments of the games likes Red Dead Redemption 2, GTA V, etc.

Its hard to keep up with the upgrades to the hardware as an individual and thus a wide populace find Gaming Zones a great alternative to owning a Computer Unit that can tackle the demanding games of today. However, its hard to find Game Zones that can provide the optimal system let alone a high end PC for the best possible experience.

FORTUNATELY (At least for Vadodara), a brand new Game Zone owned by Hardik Patel aka Cloud provides just what’s necessary. A setup of high end PCs, able to take potentially any game in the market head on.

This Game Zone is located at 108 Riddhi Siddhi Elenza in the Ellora Park area. Situated in an easily accessible area with tonnes of refreshment options available nearby, the Game Zone provides a comfortable gaming environment with a wide variety of games available on the best setups available in Vadodara and the surrounding areas.

With the beast of the machines consisting of the Nvidia GTX 1660Ti Graphics card that can render almost any game at the highest of settings and the ASUS Prime B365M-A Motherboard making sure the gaming experience is as best as it gets, you can see the game you love to play in an entirely new way.

Adding icing to the cake is the availability of numerous refreshment options like Domino’s right next door and easy access to the Food Delivery services like Zomato, Swiggy, etc.

One of the best gaming setups, refreshments, comfortable seating arrangement, ease of access and a reasonable price of Rs.25/- an hour, its a complete package of your everyday dose of gaming or those fun weekends. A perfect destination to enjoy a wholesome online/LAN gaming with friends and enjoy those silly WTF moments or those Legendary plays that makes your day.

Its highly recommended that you visit the Game Zone specially in the afternoon to experience the rush of adrenaline the environment has to offer with the players at their best and make some friends or find a new duo/party member.

The Battleground is ready, Are you ?