January Dhamaka

PUBG Mobile and Freefire have been the go to escape for a lot of people with mobile and these games have taken the mobile gaming world by a storm. Cafe Consortium thinks everyone here must feel its breeze.

Cafe Consortium brings you a chance to earn CC rewards for sharing your amazing, hilarious, unbelievable and/or unique moments you come through on your journey to get that sweet Winner Winner Chicken Dinner or that BOOYAH!!! and everything in between. Win CC rewards every week all month by simply posting your game videos on the app.

How to participate-
– Record your game using any recording tool.
– Upload a video up to 1 minute long of the highlights from the game on YouTube.
– Post the YouTube Video link on the CC App from your phone as a post with the title #WeeklyCC.

How the Winner would be decided-
– At the end of EVERY TUESDAY of the month, the post with the most likes would be chosen as the winner.
– Additionally, Cafe Consortium might also choose posts which we consider need some recognition.
– Winners would be rewarded with CC points directly in their CC Wallet.

So what are you waiting for? Scramble, scavenge for some gears, hit that record button and pop some skulls. Goodluck on the Battle Royale field and see you on the Cafe Consortium posts.