Red Dead Redemption II

Console Controls:

3rd person Controls(When Walking)

  • To move your character(L):It is used to move your character in a particular direction.
  • Free look(R): Is used to look your surrounding and for free look .
  • Aim Weapon (L2) : Use to only Aim at a target.
  • Toggle Holster (L1) :It is used to select particular items from your backpack.
  • Fire/Attack(R2): Use to fire or attack your Enemies,But it not Works on our own camp member or our friends.
  • Tag the target(R1): Is used to tag your target in the dead eye mode.
  • Move Faster(X): Is used to walk faster or used to sprint your character.
  • Jump(Square): It is used to jump your character or your horse.
  • Mount horse/Enter vehicle: it is used to mount your horse or to enter any vehicle,and same is used to Dismount your horse and to exit the vehicle.
  • Reload your Weapons(Circle): It is used to Reload your weapon.
  • To Enable Dead Eye(L3+R3): It is used to Enable the dead eye.
  • Dead Eye: It is used when you want to spot your enemies easily in bushes and forests.
  • To open your Satchel(Up arrow ): It is used to open your satchel and your horse cargo.

About game:

Red Dead Redemption 2 (stylized as Red Dead Redemption 2) is a 2018 action-adventure game developed and published by Rockstar Games. The game is the third entry in the Red Dead series and is a prequel to the 2010 game Red Dead Redemption. The story is set in 1899 in a fictionalized representation of the WesternMidwestern, and Southern United States and follows Outlaw Arthur Morgan, a member of the Van der Linde gang. Arthur must deal with the decline of the Wild West whilst attempting to survive against government forces, rival gangs, and other adversaries. The story also follows fellow gang member John Marston, the protagonist of Red Dead Redemption.

This game is made for experience the Western Life-style in this Modern time. With this game you can experience that how the Western people use to survive their Life-style and how they earn money in 1899 without any modern facilities, how they travel and migrates through one place to another places and how they do their daily routines and how they spare their times. so with this game you can do all that stuffs what the old western people does.

In this game you will not find any cars or any other vehicles accept train. You can get horses all over the map and And with horses you and do your transportation And all the Missions.

You have to make Bonding with you personal horse so your horse will upgrade and it gain more Health, Stamina, Speed And Acceleration. During the missions you bonding may increases or you can feed you horse for it Health And to make nice bond with your horse. You can call your Horse By pressing up arrow on you controller When you press that Your Character will blow a whistle And it help to call you Horse. You to brush your Horse to keep it clean.

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Chapter 1:-

After a failed robbery, the gang has fled from Blackwater into the Grizzly Mountains, but a late spring storm has left them half frozen and starving. They are holed up in an abandoned mining town, licking their Wounds and awaiting a break in the weather

List of missions in Chapter 1:

  • Outlaws From the west
  • Enter, Pursued by a memory
  • old friends
  • The Aftermath of Genesis
  • Who the Hell is Leviticus Cornwall
  • Eastward Bound- unlock the open world.

Outlaws from the West

Red Dead Redemption 2 opens with you, Arthur, leading a small caravan of despondent people through a snowstorm. Something unfortunate has happened, and your group has lost a few people. Though you’ve found shelter for now, you must search for food.

Your first task is to follow Dutch through, the snow on horse back. Follow the prompts to get the feel of controlling your horse.

Eventually, Micah will intersect your path. He’s found an occupied house that may help you. Continue to follow the prompts as you follow him. he will show you a location he found for the food and others stuffs.

Once you reach the house, lead the horse to the hitching post and press Triangle/Y to tie it there. While following Dutch on foot, he tells you and Micah to hide as not to intimidate the people inside.

Hide in the Cattle shed on the left. press R1 to crouch down.