Revisiting Battlefield 5

Battlefield V was the latest addition to the EA Dice’s Battlefield franchise based on military warfare. With many similar games under the genre, it was really necessary for Battlefield to do something extravagant to stand out and top of them. And thats exactly what Battlefield did. With its breathtakingly realistic graphics, immersive environment, mesmerizing and iconic sound design and theatric gameplay, Battlefield chose to trade the dramatic narration of other games under this genre for a hyper realistic multiplayer experience.

The game launched with its fair share of issues like lack of launch period content and historical inaccuracies, but over the time with addition of “Trial of War” the single player campaign and the most recent “War in the Pacific” update, Battlefield V once again prove its worth and why its arguably the best out there.

Like its predecessors, Battlefield V’s claim to glory is its unparalleled multiplayer gameplay. An immersive world with players playing the role of an Allied or Axis soldier from World War 2 split into a squad of 4 players in a total of 32 players on each side on number of vast maps ranging from the beautiful victorian architectured city of Rotterdam and its leveled to ground version bombed by the German Luftwaffe air raids, lush fields of Arras in France or the pacific volcanic islands of Iwo Jima and many more. Battlefield V takes the player on a devastating Journey across the landscape that faced the wrath of World War 2.

Rotterdam Map from BFV
Iwo Jima
Aerodrome Map

Battlefield’s multiplayer have always garnered praise for its incredible display of gameplay and environment but like other Battlefield games, BFV brought to the players 4 amazing single player campaigns narrating stories of war from the perspective of different soldiers. For the first time in the history of gaming, Battlefield V brought a single player campaign from the perspective of a German Wehrmacht Commander and showing the dirty secrets of war and displaying a heartwrenching story of soldiers who learn the price of war.

The Last Tiger campaign.
Tirailleur campaing.

Although the game provides the players with tense battle environment and explosive gameplay, the game also has a breathtaking collection of soundtracks that are iconic amongst gamers. BFV has a perfect balance of energizing and yet emotional blend of music that makes the player rush to the defense of their bleeding capture point or make a last ditch effort to capture one.

The beautiful soundtrack shared between the single player campaigns and the multiplayer brings the feeling of helplessness and sense of loss that war brings on the the soldiers following orders and putting their lives on the line for things they love. One soundtrack specifically named “Devastation” from “The Last Tiger” single player campaign takes you on an emotional ride complimenting the story forcing you to wonder if there is actually any winner in a war. The orchestric environment of flutes, pianos and ticking time adds to the beauty of the game.

Devastation OST from “The Last Tiger” campaign.
The BFV version of the iconic Battlefield Theme.

Battlefield V may not be the perfect game and may have some issues but it certainly is a game worth trying. The beauty of the graphics, music, gameplay is undeniably enthralling and hypnotic. The game puts you in the shoes of the troops running into all out war amidst tanks, planes, mortar shells, explosives and smoke and artillery barrages.

BFV Gameplay by TheBrokenMachine on the Panzerstorm Map.
BFV Plane gameplay by LevelCapGaming.

Overall, the game is a great go to if you want to play a First Person Shooter on a Grand scale that keeps you on your toes throughout the playtime with its action packed adrenaline pumping atmosphere. A must try !