Start By Being an Editor

Cafe Consortium always strives to bring every gamer together into our community and help them by giving a platform to express themselves. Now, to add to that, CC brings you an opportunity to have a a bigger voice by becoming an Editor on the CC App.

An Editor on the CC App have extra features that comes with that title. An Editor can make community posts that can be featured and thereby express their views, write reviews of games, technology, upcoming features, art, design, etc. Also, an Editor gets an opportunity to enlist an item or his service on the CC Marketplace and do earnings.

Surely, there are hidden writers, reviewers, bloggers, artists and content creators among you and Cafe Consortium wishes to pull that hidden gem out and bring it to the public. Thus, Cafe Consortium has decided to give every existing user and new users a free month of being an Editor. If you write at-least 3 articles in a month your Editor Status will be auto renewed.


As an editor you don’t just get to put your articles or events on the marketplace, you also earn for doing so. When your article, after getting approved by CC team, is published on CC App you will be rewarded with CC Points. As an Editor you get special feature with your CC Wallet, to redeem your CC Points into INR directly in your bank account.


To write an article you can use, Microsoft Word or any other similar software. Send your file to us on [email protected]

So what are you waiting for ? Pick up your phones, engage that creative mind and express yourself.