T1 – Tournament

Tournament Rules

Teams will be decided at the time of the event. Players can participate as teams provided each participant has purchased the event ticket through this App.

Tournament trophies will be distributed among the winning team players.

In case of a tie, tiebreaker rule will apply.

Maximum Game time is 6 hours for the entire tournament. Please be sure to arrive 10 mins before the start time.

Number of players in each team will be decided at the time of the event. It is expected to be 3v3 or 5v5.

Event Details will be emailed on the registered email address.

Please scan the QR code shown on your screen (under my bookings) at the venue to redeem the tickets.

In case of event being cancelled by the Cafe, full refund of the CC points will be made to your CC wallet. If would like to get the refund of CC points in your method of payment, please contact us (Settings > Contact us)