Use CC to Stream

Did you ever wonder, “What if you could use your CC points to stream great movies 🎬⚡️?” Well, we are thrilled to answer that very question! It’s an affirmative “YESSSS!” … and it’s Ads Free!

Now, you can use your CC Points to stream some of the best movies and TV shows at an ultra low monthly subscription.

Which Movies and TV shows do we have?

We aim to keep expanding our library. If you have any particular requests, please let us know.

Currently we have a huge range of hand picked movies and TV shows, many of them are rated 6.5+ on IMDB.

Feel free to explore the library once you have the subscription.

How much is the subscription?

5CC per month, per user. You can use a variety of devices – iPhone, Android, Windows PC, Mac, iPad. Once you purchase the subscription, you will receive a link to download the streaming app along with login credentials.

What will be the streaming quality?

4K, 1080p, 720p – with support for Dolby Digital or DTX. Please note, it also depends on the content available. You will also need to ensure you have sufficient download speeds for the selected resolution, otherwise you can play using the lower resolution.

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