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Current Gold rate is 188,339 gold for 50 CC points

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Gold price are updated every Tuesday after 8:30 PM IST and is constant for an entire week.

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If you are keen to know about the past few week’s gold prices, we got it for you in this table below:

Week number (Starting Date to Ending Date)Gold equivalent to 50 CC points
Week 1 (21-July to 28-July)122037
Week 2 (28-July to 4-Aug)118743
Week 3 (4-Aug to 11-Aug)123959
Week 4 (11-Aug to 18-Aug)123486
Week 5 (18-Aug to 25-Aug)125007
Week 6 (25-Aug to 1-Sept)124310
Week 7 (1-Sept to 8-Sept)131859
Week 8 (8-Sept to 15-Sept)130190
Week 9 (15-Sept to 22-Sept)138217
Week 10 (22-Sept to 29-Sept)144692
Week 11 (29-Sept to 6-Oct)148554
Week 12 (6-Oct to 13-Oct)148803
Week 13 (13-Oct to 20-Oct)149509
Week 14 (20-Oct to 27-Oct)149509
Week 15 (27-Oct to 3-Nov)147911
Week 16 (3-Nov to 10-Nov)139538
Week 17 (10-Nov to 17-Nov)161037
Week 18 (17-Nov to 24-Nov)153341
Week 19 (24-Nov to 1-Dec)135455
Week 20 (1-Dec to 8-Dec)123362
Week 21 (8-Dec to 15-Dec)123406
Week 22 (15-Dec to 22-Dec)115010
Week 23 (22-Dec to 29-Dec)126903
Week 24 (29-Dec to 5-Jan)123235
Week 25 (5-Jan to 12-Jan)119957
Week 26 (12-Jan to 19-Jan)110207
Week 27 (19-Jan to 26-Jan)118045
Week 28 (26-Jan to 2-Feb)119036
Week 29 (2-Feb to 9-Feb)129669
Week 30 (9-Feb to 16-Feb)123216
Week 31 (16-Feb to 23-Feb)127824
Week 32 (23-Feb to 2-March)136438
Week 33 (2-March to 9-March)144978
Week 34 (9-March to 16-March)131325
Week 35 (16-March to 23-March)132766
Week 36 (23-March to 30-March)132766
Week 37 (30-March to 6-April)139710
Week 38 (6-April to 13-April)139808
Week 39 (13-April to 20-April)156269
Week 40 (20-April to 27-April)153336
Week 41 (27-April to 4-May)155305
Week 42 (4-May to 11-May)154319
Week 43 (11-May to 18-May)161480
Week 44 (18-May to 25-May)167150
Week 45 (25-May to 1-June)189553
Week 46 (1-June to 8-June)187556
Week 47 (8-June to 15-June)190608
Week 48 (15th June to 22 June)193062
Week 49 (22th June to 29 June)188339

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VGC Management